Hibar Semi-Automatic Cell Electrolyte Filling Machine (Serial # 211470-022811)

  • Hibar Systems Limited
  • For D-Size Cell
  • Fill and crimp through cell filling tube

Arcotronics Laminator Model: BLF(E)282D

  • Arcotronics laminator (Model BIE 282D) with conveyor belts.
  • Material: stainless steel with a Teflon coating. Total belt thickness 0.35 mm Product path length between two end rollers
  • Preheating path length 6500mm. Belts speed 0.003 to 0.5m/sec., adjustable by a multi-turns potentiometer.
  • Heat zone width 300 mm: 3. Temperature range: up to 240 C.Precision: +/- 1C. Temperature control: adjustable at 1 degrees C step.
  • Lamination rolls: outer diameter (OD): 1240mm. Peripheral speed: same as of the belts.
  • Lamination gap: adjustable between 0.1 and 2.5mm with 0.02mm step increments.

Cylindrical Cell Winding Machine

  • D-Size Cell
  • Incl Lithium anode tab staking device

Coating/Drying Line with in-line Calender

  • Slightly Used Coater/Dryer with in-line Calender.
  • Could also be set-up as a stand-alone Calender with Unwind/Rewind
  • Built 2010 by (US Manufacturer) and still serviceable or modifiable by OEM

Semi-Automatic Z-Fold Stacking Machine

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ARBIN BT-G Battery Tester

  • Model BT - G, Sr. # 176427, Manuf. Date 7/25/14,
  • 48 Channels, Voltage range 2 to 10 volts, current 5 Amp to 100 mAmp.